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        Baifa Cummins marine generator sets (Certification of IACS, BUREAU VERITAS and CSS)


        More advance, more reliable, more environmental friendly and cost efficient Marine diesel generator.
        Rugged dependability, high quality and innovation make Baifa Cummins Marine Generators the power you can reply on.
        The ComAP Marine control system equipped with self-monitoring capability and network communication.
        The easy to operate ComAP Digital Display provides diagnostics including engine and alternator information, self-diagnostic features.
        The Baifa Cummins Marine Generators can be installed with soundproof system to lower sound and vibration. Our sound canopy minimize noise and vibration.
        The Baifa Cummins Marine generator have CCS certificates for both engine and alternator, the genset is satisfied with CCS certification. CCS belongs one of IACS members, for other certification, engine model might variate, controller will changed to COMAP DCU Marine.
        Tailor design to suit every ship.


        2018 Baifa Marine genset product list 50Hz/400V

        Marine genset model Prime rating KW/KVA Engine model Engine KW Alternator model(H/F) Alternator model(H/H)
        BF-C50M 40/50 4BTA3.9-GM47 47 UCM224F UCM224E
        BF-C63M 50/63 6BT5.9-GM83 83 UCM224G UCM224F
        BF-C88M 70/88 6BT5.9-GM83 83 UCM274D UCM274D
        BF-C113M 90/113 6BTA5.9-GM100 100 UCM274E UCM274E
        BF-C125M 100/125 6CT8.3-GM115 120 UCM274F UCM274E
        BF-C150M 120/150 6CTA8.3-GM155 155 UCM274H UCM274G
        BF-C165M 132/165 6CTA8.3-GM155 155 UCM274H UCM274H
        BF-C175M 140/175 6CTA8.3-GM155 155 UCDM274J UCM274H
        BF-C200M 160/200 6LTAA8.9-GM200 200 UCDM274K UCDM274J
        BF-C225M 180/225 N855-DM 240 HCM434D UCDM274K
        BF-C250M 200/250 N855-DM 240 HCM434E HCM434D
        BF-C313M 250/313 N855-DM 284 HCM434F HCM434E
        BF-C350M 280/350 N855-DM 317 HCM534C HCM434F
        BF-C400M 320/400 K19-DM 358 HCM534D HCM534C
        BF-C450M 360/450 K19-DM 410 HCM534E HCM534D
        BF-C500M 400/500 K19-DM 448 HCM534F HCM534E
        BF-C625M 500/625 K38-DM 746 HCM634G HCM634G
        BF-C700M 560/700 K38-DM 746 HCM634H HCM634H
        BF-C825M 660/825 K38-DM 746 HCM634J HCM634J
        BF-C875M 700/875 K38-DM 880 HCM634K HCM634K
        BF-C1000M 800/1000 K38-DM 880 PM734B  
        BF-C1188M 950/1188 K50-DM 1097 PM734C  

        2018 Baifa Cummins marine genset 60HZ/440V

        Marine genset model Prime rating KW/KVA engine model engine KW Alternator model(H/F) Alternator model(H/H)
        BF-C50M-60 40/50 4BTA3.9-GM65 65 UCM224D UCM224D
        BF-C63M-60 50/63 4BTA3.9-GM65 65 UCM224F UCM224F
        BF-C80M-60 64/80 6BT5.9-GM100 100 UCM274C UCM224G
        BF-C110M-60 80/100 6BT5.9-GM100 100 UCM274D UCM274C
        BF-C125M-60 100/125 6BTA5.9-GM120 120 UCM274E UCM274E
        BF-C140M-60 112/140 6CT8.3-GM129 129 UCM274F UCM274E
        BF-C150M-60 120/150 6CTA8.3-GM175 175 UCM274F UCM274F
        BF-C188M-60 150/188 6CTA8.3-GM175 175 UCM274H UCM274G
        BF-C250M-60 200/250 N855-DM 287 HCM434D UCDM274J
        BF-C313M-60 250/313 N855-DM 287 HCM434E HCM434D
        BF-C338M-60 270/338 N855-DM 313 HCM434F HCM434E
        BF-C375M-60 300/375 K19-DM 425 HCM434F HCM434F
        BF-C450M-60 360/450 K19-DM 425 HCM534C HCM534C
        BF-C500M-60 400/500 K19-DM 485 HCM534E HCM534D
        BF-C563M-60 450/563 K19-DM 507 HCM534E HCM534E
        BF-C625M-60 500/625 K38-DM 821 HCM534F HCM534E
        BF-C750M-60 600/750 K38-DM 821 HCM634G HCM634G
        BF-C825M-60 660/825 K38-DM 821 HCM634H HCM634H
        BF-C910M-60 728/910 K38-DM 821 HCM634J HCM634H
        BF-C1063M-60 850/1063 K38-DM 970 HCM634K HCM634J
        BF-C1438M-60 1150/1438 K50-DM 1291 PM734C  

        Yellow mark: Genset is availble in marine emergency application (one battery, one spring start,with radiator)
        Green mark: Engine is availble with IMO2 emission certificate
        Genset availble in CCS only (optional)
        Engine and alternator with CCS certficate as standard.
        Control system: 1.Auto type :ComAP drive Marine, Engine control, monitoring and protection, remote control function and communication . 2.Manual type: Engine start and stop, monitoring and protection. 3.Optional: Parallel control system IV5+IGNT-NC.
        Alternator with anti condensation heater and PMG(Droop CT  optional)
        Heat exchanger (emergency set: radiator)
        Starting batteries(Maintenance-Free & Watering-Free), a set of connective wires, a suit of ripple flex exhaust pipe, exhaust siphon, muffler;   
        Battery starting (emergency set :battery start+spring/air start)
        Cummins tool kit

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