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        BAIFA Gas gen-set from 100KW-2000KW, 220V to 6600V.

        BAIFA gas generator sets are designed according to the world environmental protection requirement and the new market environment. Natural gas generator set has the advantages of strong reliability of start and operation, advanced quality of output, lightweight, simple maintenance and low frequency noise.
        Gas generator sets replace the traditional nonrenewable fuel, built for safer and convenient operation, cost efficiency, low pollution emission, and more suitable for electric installations, etc.
        Baifa gas units are built according to different customer requirements, for years of research and development and the strict inspection, we are able to meet the different needs of each customer.

        Product standards
        ISO3046, ISO4001 ISO8525, IEC34-1, GB1105, GB/T2820, CSH22-2, VDE & 0530 YD/T 502-2000 (communication special technical requirements of the gas generator).
        1.Advanced and certified gas engines, specially designed for optimizing gas application. The design of the combustion chamber ensures the most efficient performance.
        2.The alternator Made by world famous brand to maximize performance and reliability.
        3.The mixed gas cooler Cooler has a large surface area to improve engine performance and heat utilization.

        BAIFA gas generator application
        Cold, heat, Electricity generation systems as a new generation of energy application technology, represents the truly commitment to clean energy, it’s utilization as new direction of industry.
        For cooling, heating, power and other energy have different demand in different industries or buildings, for example, public areas, agriculture, or industrial areas, as well as the IT field, all can benefit from the application of the distributed energy. This solution better solve the summer and winter electricity shortage, and cold heat energy demand imbalance.

        Combined Cooling Heating and Power Application
        Gas generator has more advantages to provide Cooling and Heating (including Heating and Heating water) and Power generation simultaneously. Its biggest characteristic is to use different quality of energy, for high temperature, can have large available heat to generator power, while the low temperature low grade heat energy is used for heating or cooling.
        It is the key to build a new energy generation system.

        Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Detail Data
        Standby Prime Brand Model
        BF-P625G NA 500KW Perkins 4008-30TRS2 Download PDF technical data
        BF-P1000G NA 800KW 4016-61TRS1 Download PDF technical data
        BF-P1250G NA 1000KW 4016-61TRS2 Download PDF technical data

        Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Detail Data
        Standby Prime Brand Model
        BF30G N/A 24kw BaiFa BF493G-G30 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF44G N/A 35kw BFB3.9G-G45 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF100G N/A 80kw BFB5.9G-G100 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF125G N/A 100kw BFB6.7G-G120 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF150G N/A 120kw BFC8.3G-145 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF200G N/A 160kw BFL8.9-G176 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF275G N/A 220kw BFNT855G-G240 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF313G N/A 250kw BFK19G-G280 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF375G N/A 300kw BFK19G-G330 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF500G N/A 400kw BFK38-G440 Inquire PDF technical data
        BF625G N/A 500kw BFK38G-G550 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA32G N/A 25KW MAN E0834 E312 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA53G N/A 42KW E0834 E302 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA69G N/A 55KW E0834 E302 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA75G N/A 60KW E0836 E302 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA119G N/A 95KW E0836 LE202 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA150G N/A 120KW E2876 E312 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA225G N/A 180KW E2876 LE302 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA238G N/A 190KW E2876 LE212 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA288G N/A 230KW E2848 LE322 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA413G N/A 330KW E3268 LE212 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA475G N/A 380KW E2842 LE322 Inquire PDF technical data
        MA625G N/A 500KW E3262 LE202 Inquire PDF technical data
        M970G N/A 776KW MTU 8V4000L32 Inquire PDF technical data
        M1460G N/A 1169KW 12V4000L32 Inquire PDF technical data
        M1950G N/A 1560KW 16V4000L32 Inquire PDF technical data
        M2430G N/A 1948KW 20V4000L32 Inquire PDF technical data

        PRICE LIST - GAS Engines (400V, 1500RPM, 50Hz)
        (L*W*H)for reference only
        Brand Model STAMFORD
        Open Type Standard Soundproof
        BF30G 25 Gas engine from specialised manufacturer
        andengineering company Grand watt brings
        the most reliable and cost
        efficient gas engine.
        N4L2.8G PI 144E1 1700*705*1130 2290*1060*1680
        BF44G 50 N4L3.9TAG UCI224C1 1700*705*1130 2290*1060*1680
        BF100G 100 N6L5.9TWG UCI274C1 2130*830*1215 2810*1140*1830
        BF150G 150 N6L8.3TWG UCI274F1 2200*850*1275 3230*1170*1800
        BF200G 181 N6L8.9TWG UCI274G1 2500*940*1450 3590*1150*2050
        BF275G 287 N6L14TWG S4L1D-E41 3030*1100*1900 3890*1460*2150
        BF375G 375 N6L19TWG S4L1D-F41 3500*1570*2050 4630*1660*2250
        BF625G 625 N12V38TWG HCI 544FS1 4370*2060*2450 ISO 20'ft GP

        (L*W*H)for reference only
        Brand Model STAMFORD
        Open Type Standard Soundproof
        BF-P375G 375 PERKINS 4006-23TRS1 HCI544C1 3960*1710*2200 5800*1800*2550
        BF-P469G 469 4006-23TRS2 HCI544D1 3960*1710*2200 5800*1800*2550
        BF-P500G 500 4008-30TRS1 HCI544E1 4650*2060*2300 ISO 20'ft GP
        BF-P625G 625 4008-30TRS2 HCI544F1 4650*2060*2300 ISO 20'ft GP
        BF-P1000G 1000 4016-61TRS1 PE734A1 4800*1800*2300 ISO 40'ft GP
        BF-P1250G 1250 4016-61TRS2 PE734B1 4850*1800*2300 ISO 40'ft GP

        (L*W*H)for reference only
        Brand Model STAMFORD
        Open Type Standard Soundproof
        BF-S450G 450 SCANIA OC16 071A HCI544C 3265*1270*1930 4630*1660*2250
        BF-M970G 970 MTU MTU8V4000L32 PE734C2 4106*1986*2251 ISO 20'ft GP
        BF-M1460G 1460 MTU12V4000L32 PE734E2 4642*1734*2251 ISO 20'ft GP
        BF-M1950G 1950 MTU16V4000L32 PE734F2 5423*1734*2283 ISO 40'ft GP
        BF-M2430G 2430 MTU20V4000L32 LVSI804S2 6000*1800*2400 ISO 40'ft GP

        PRICE LIST - GAS Engines ( 2017 Q3-Q4) (440V, 1800RPM, 60Hz)
        (L*W*H)(for reference only)
        Brand Model STAMFORD Standard Standard Soundproof
        Open Type Standard Soundproof
        BF30G 30 BF BF493G-G30 PI 144F1 11,958  +2072 1700*705*1130 2290*1060*1680
        BF44G 44 BFB3.9G-G45 PI 144J1 15,239  +2072 1700*705*1130 2290*1060*1680
        BF100G 100 BFB5.9G-G100 UCI274C1 17,437  +2572 2130*830*1215 2810*1140*1830
        BF125G 125 BFB6.7G-G120 UCI274D1 22,474  +2572 2130*830*1215 2810*1140*1830
        BF150G 150 BFC8.3G-145 UCI274E1 23,805  +3012 2200*850*1275 3230*1170*1800
        BF200G 200 BFL8.9-G176 UCI274G1 26,466  +3553 2500*940*1450 3590*1150*2050
        BF275G 275 BFNT855G-G240 UCI274J1 43,236  +4603 3030*1100*1900 3890*1460*2150
        BF375G 375 BFK19G-G330 HCI444E1 73,198  +6285 3500*1570*2050 4630*1660*2250
        BF625G 625 BFK38G-G550 HCI544E1 142,826  +30769 4370*2060*2450 ISO 20'ft GP

        1.Price in USD
        2.Accessories: 4 x Maintenance free starting battery with connecting wire,exhaust pipe、exhaust sylphon bellows、flange、exhaust silencer,other standard accessories;gas filter、reducing valve、Solenoid operated circuit breaker
        3.Cummins tool kit
        Product Catalog