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        Ready for the Middle?East?Electricity (MEE)?2019
        Get ready to meet our power experts in MEE 2019.
        In 2019, Middle East Electricity continues to energize the industry by uniting the global power community. The world's leading power event brings together leading manufacturers like Baifa Power and global experts, governments, procurement, project managers and contractors to drive cost-effectiveness and efficiency and move projects forward.
        Discover “ One stop” comprehensive power generation solutions with Baifa, for reliable and efficient products with innovative technologies that are energizing the industry. 
        Why Visit?
        Baifa in MEE
        Baifa Booth
        From March 5th to March 7th, we will be in S2.C10, waiting for your presence.
        What did we bring? 
        Baifa signature red: 
        BF-V275RS-III : Stage III emission Volvo penta 200kWe rental spec genset.
        BF-C110RS: Cummins 80kW rental spec genset.
        Baifa engine and alternator offer.
        Other than those series we bring to MEE, Baifa has wide range of power generation and lighting product to offer:

        Generator type
        Diesel generator range
        Gas generator range
        Marine diesel generator range
        Lighting tower range
        Welcome to visit and chat with us, we will exchange the scale and distribution characteristics of domestic industry, the new trend of industry, market development, etc. together on site. Of course, if you have the demand for power generating units, please contact us in advance. We will provide you with one-to-one professional services, and provide you with a “comprehensive solution for power generation”.
        Product Catalog