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        Baifa Project News Mobile Power Vehicle
        Customization is the improvement of company brand quality and culture, which is also more abundant and more reliable embedded value in the process of building company brand culture. Baifa "customized" power genset for mobile vehicle power supply-- according to different customers' requirements; according to the different matching vehicle models, Baifa customized with a variety of patent design, which effectively guarantee the gensets 's security in the running & moving conditions.  and the mainly application is for Emergency Rescues,  Public Facilities Maintenance; Mobile Power Vehicle, etc.
        In 2017, Baifa achieved an another big step on mobile power supply, forwarded "customized products made in China" to the world. Within 45 days tough delivery time, Baifa made a batch of high standard products for Thai government mobile power vehicle project. We carefully selected Baifa main supply of BF-V series rated 500KW diesel generator set, which successfully matched client's demand for the special control system and complex design. Each unit has modular control & instrument panel control ; each unit with Auto control system & Manual control system Coexist. Also each genset & separate control system well matched the containerized cabinet installation size restrictions and other requirements.  After the strictly tested in factory, we also dispatched Baifa engineer to Thailand for inspection testing assist.  Baifa successfully achieved its promise to Clients. 
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