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        Drive the dream, Power the future

                      June 2017 is an important millstone in the development of the Baifa power company, the new industry base opening& 25th anniversary celebration was held on the 16th.Celebration around "drive dream, achievement future" theme, we sincerely invited the guests from domestic and overseas to share the joy and glory by displaying the achievements and culture we created in the last 25year.

        Today the new industrial base has officially announced its operation and it will be one of the largest diesel generator industrial manufacturer plantin Asia or even one of the top model diesel generator production base in the whole world.

        25 years ago,in 1992, we were funded in Kunming city, southwest China delivered a staggered start, forge ahead, continuous innovation, in 2001 passed across to China Wuxi city, in east of China, Baifais striding forward, every step forward is persistent, every effort is paid off in harvest.After 25 years development, the company products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, e.g. in China high-speed rail hub, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao across ocean bridge, Government “One belt and one road” global strategy Baifa also plays an important role to participate. Over the past 25 years, Baifa has been partner with hundreds of companies throughout the world,our products were exported to more than eighty countries on five continents. We have continuously establishthe brand awareness, reputation and influence in the international market by convincing quality and service of our products.

        Baifa power’s founder CEO Mr.ZhangChaodanaddressed in a ceremony, the foundation of 25 years of steady development is by enterprise culture and management idea, our enterprise culture is condenses into eight words: "Integrity and honesty, loyaltyand commitment.” This actually has became the most valuable wealth of Baifa power!Baifa's business philosophy is to create value for shareholders, as well as to customers and partners, also grow with all employees to achieve income growth and create career development opportunities.In appreciation dinner,our domestic and overseas long term partners and advance performance customers were awarded with acknowledgement, appreciation and awards . Below picture showsthe our employee's performing on stagefor to celebrate this party.

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