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        Rail transit integrated control center-Baifa local distributor
        Baifa distributor breaking through more than 10 counterparts, became the winning bidder of supplying diesel generator set and installation for central Tianjin rail transit integrated control center project. After months of fighting, we finally successfully passed customer’s first commissioning and acceptance.

        This project is emergency diesel generator system engineering, consisting of 2 sets Baifa M series 2000KW diesel gensets ,1 set M series 1000KW diesel genset, remote water tank cooling system, fuel system, remote monitor system and turnkey genset room noise reduction and installation project .

        In view of this project, we have carried on adequate pre-communication and detail design; also we put forward solutions and made multi-argumentation according to customer’s requirements of fixed point air supply and exhaust, and finally got approved by clients and design institute; we carried out production in strict accordance with site construction requirement and schedule; we won wide praise from Construction contractor, third party intendance and first party after site test, site joint commission , load test etc. repeated strict inspection.

        Remote water tank cooling system shows: when diesel genset installation site is not equipped for ventilation and heat radiation, we will recommend remote water tank cooling system to customers. This configuration will use heat exchanger and remote water tank instead of fan driven by belt on diesel genset and cooling water tank which can be placed on the top floor of building, open area or somewhere with good ventilation and heat radiation when used. The heat exchanger and remote water tank form a closed circulation cooling system with pump, valve and pipe connected. It is particularly suited for large gensets used in buildings, civil air defence works and basements.
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