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      About us

      Baifa, located in Wuxi National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, which is the flourishing area of the world manufa...

      BF-V Volvo

      Quality, safety and Care Baifa is one of Volvo Pentas largest OEM in China, our cooperation relationship was built back ...

      BF-C Cummins

      Baifa - C series unit selects the Cummins engine. Baifa has been cooperate with Cummins for more than 10 years, Baifa-C ...

      BF-P Perkins

      Baifa corporate with Perkins (fully-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar), bring out BF-P series diesel generator sets. Desig...

      BF-M MTU

      As one of few MTU generator sets OEM, Baifa M series high-power generator set, powered by MTU (Germany Daimler Benz grou...

      Product Catalog
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